About us

Created in 2017 Cannon Light Media is an Austin Texas-based media company established in order to produce and distribute media in all formats.

Cannon Light Media is cofounded by Scott and Jessica Cannon with a focus on faith and service to others. By doing so we can be a part of our community in a compassionate and caring way through the production of high-quality print, graphics, and video content that will help others to grow and prosper.

Scott Cannon

Jessica Cannon

Born and raised in a small town with big family values Scott moved to Austin in 1997 after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. While working his entire career in Technology the creative side was always nearby spending weekends with friends and family creating short films, filming engagements or creating commercials for TV broadcasts.  Cannon Light Media was the logical next step which was made all the better by taking it with his beautiful wife of 16 years, Jessica.

Born in a big city but raised in a small town with the importance of sacrifice thriving families have to make. While working as an industry accountant for her entire career her creative side was left dormant until recent life changes made it clear how life really is too short to work in an unforgiving career. Making the switch to a spiritual calling to be more creative Cannon Light Media brought light to her natural ability of expression through the written word.